What's the problem?

Tipping can be dangerous. The machinery or load can seriously hurt people. A lot of vehicles overturn each year, sometimes causing fatal accidents.

This guidance should be followed to help avoid problems


Drivers visiting a site must report to the site office.

The site operator and the visiting driver need to speak to each other and co-operate, for example:

The site operator must make sure that tipping faces are suitable and safe, for example by making sure that tipping platforms faces are compacted on landfill sites etc., and that there are no steep side slopes.

Tipping sites should be:

Articulated vehicles must be tipped with the cab and trailer in line.

Always check that the load is evenly spread across the vehicle.

The vehicle should remain level at all times, even if it is driven forward during tipping.

Wheel-stops must be used when possible to help position vehicles.

Make sure that the tailgate is safe. The tailgate:

Never allow anyone to stand or walk behind the vehicle when the body is raised or during tipping.

Whenever possible, tipping mechanisms should be controlled from the cab.

When raising or lowering the body, the driver should never leave the vehicle and should make sure that the cab doors are closed.