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This page provides links to web sites relating to health and safety in Surface Engineering and associated industries (click on the respective logo). HSE is not responsible for and cannot guarantee accuracy of information on sites that it does not manage: inclusion on this page does not mean that HSE endorses the linked site.

Health and safety documents published by these organisations have been listed where the HSE has been involved in their preparation.

Alluminium Federation
Aluminium Federation (ALFED) represents the UK aluminium industry, from the primary sector through to the end users and recycling sectors. ALFED has over 200 Member Companies grouped into 12 Member Associations, representing of over 20,000 people.
British Coating Federation
British Coatings Federation (BCF) acts on behalf of over 130 companies in the decorative , industrial and powder coatings and printing inks manufacturing industry in the UK. The BCF has a division called the Training Alliance for Surface Coatings (TASC) that provides training initiatives, programmes and qualifications for the surface coatings industry. Published guidance includes "The BCF Code of Safe Practice: Powder Coating"
Contract Heat Treatment Association
Contract Heat Treatment Association (CHTA) represents over 70 UK companies providing subcontract heat treatment services - about 70% of contract processing capacity in GB.
European Powder Metallurgy Association
European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA) promotes and develops powder metallurgy technology in Europe and represents the European Industry Internationally. Members range from component, metal powder, and equipment producers to end-users, research centres, universities, etc.
Institute of Metal Finishing
The IMF is the professional body associated with vocational, academic and professional qualifications for metal finishing. It promotes the application of research and development within industry and publishes the results.
NASURF is a partnership of the UK's Surface Engineering and Surface Finishing industries and organisations representing The Surface Engineering Association; The Galvanisers Association; The Thermal Spraying and Surface Engineering Association; The Vitreous Enamelling Association; The Aluminium Federation representing Aluminium Finishing Association; The Institute of Metal Finishing; and The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3)
Surface Engineering Association
Surface Engineering Association (SEA) is an umbrella organisation for the MFA (Metal Finishing Association), BSTSA (British Surface Treatment Suppliers Association), Wolfson Heat Treatment Centre, PPFA (Paint and Powder Finishing Association) and CHTA (Contract Heat Treatment Association). It provides links with: government; health, safety and environmental specialists; other trade associations; and academic institutions.
Publications include 'Trivalent Chromium Plating for a Safer Workplace and Environment' and 'Code of best practice for the Surface Finishing Industry 2001'.
Thermal Spraying and Surface Engineering Association
Thermal Spraying and Surface Engineering Association (TSSEA) aims to promote the use and development of thermal spraying and other surfacing technologies wherever they may be appropriate. Published guidance includes the Code of Practice for the safe installation, operation and maintenance of thermal spraying equipment.

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Updated: 2023-12-18