• Draft legal guidance on the new COMAH Regulations 2015
  • Current guidance on the COMAH Regulations 1999
  • Presentation on the Seveso III Directive
    (To access the presentation and the speaker notes hover your mouse over the link and right click on "Save target as...." which will then give you the option to save both the presentation and the speaker notes to your hard drive)
    This presentation is intended to be a helpful resource which can be used to raise awareness within your company/team about the requirements of the new Directive. Users can tailor it to suit their own needs.
  • COMAH: The new Seveso III Directive and Globally Harmonised System (GHS) - 24 June 2015
    This Health & Safety laboratory course will give an overview of the requirements of the new Directive and the timetable for implementation as revised COMAH regulations. It will also cover the potential changes in scope and how to determine the likely effects on a site by determining the GHS categories of substances. The presenters have been providing scientific advice to the UK team which negotiated Seveso III for several years.
  • Competent Authority guidance on heavy fuel oil (HFO) – Article 30 of Seveso III
    This guidance is for operators who have heavy fuel oil (HFO) on site. It refers solely to changes as a result of the introduction of HFO into named substance 'petroleum products' implemented in mid-February 2014 to transpose Article 30 of the Seveso III Directive.
  • Overall Report on development of a methodology under Article 4 of the Seveso III Directive
    This is the overall report of a project commissioned by the European Commission to develop a methodology under Article 4 of the Seveso III Directive concerning substances that may not have major accident hazard potential.  Further information on the use of Article 4 will be provided as soon as possible.

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