Unsafe use of floor grating systems in oil and gas, and wind generation

Health and Safety Executive - Safety alert

Department name: Energy Division – Oil and gas, wind generation

Bulletin number: ED1-2023

Issue date: 03/23

Target audience: Offshore installations, wind generation units and sea going vessels  


Sections of polymer floor grating systems, used on offshore oil and gas platforms, vessels and wind generation installations, can become dislodged. Workers and others are at risk of tripping on unsecured flooring or falling through the subsequent hole.

Outline of the problem

Investigations have revealed that fasteners used to secure the polymer grating flooring sections have not been installed or positioned as per the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM’s) guidance, or in line with industry good practice.

Action required

Identify where grating systems are used

Duty holders and employers should identify all areas of grating systems across installations and workplaces.

Prioritise safety critical areas

Prioritise safety critical areas such as escape routes and carry out a suitable and sufficient review to ensure they are safe to use. This should include but not be limited to ensuring they are installed in accordance with the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) instructions for the use of fasteners.

Relevant legal documents

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