Flexible pipe and risers

HSE participates in a Joint Industry Project (JIP), the Flexible Pipe Technology JIP, which covers these Safety Critical items.

The JIP, managed by the Marine Computation Services (MCS) Ltd, is reviewing and updating the API design and use standards for flexible pipe (API Spec 17J and API RP 17B) which were introduced in the 1990s.  This will take account of evolving technology for more demanding applications, changes in material construction and properties, together with feedback from in-service operational experience.

Participants in this JIP include flexible pipe manufacturers, international oil companies and the Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority. A more detailed description of the project scope could be found on the MCS web site's Flexible Pipe Technology JIP Description

In relation to flexible pipe, HSE previously participated in the original development of these standards, an integrity monitoring JIP, and more recently the UKOOA sponsored work which produced reports on Integrity Assurance - State of the Art, 2001, and Guidelines, 2002.

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Updated 2023-08-07