Travel expenses and work related hospitality

Date released: 20/05/09

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has shared its headquarters between London and Liverpool for more than 20 years. HSE's headquarters was moved to Bootle on Merseyside during 2007-09 (with some moves continuing in 2010), as part of the programme called 'How and Where We Work', to improve our effectiveness, reduce costs and create a single headquarters.

This programme will save approximately £57 million over the next ten years, including a reduction in travel costs between London and Liverpool. HSE will re-invest savings into further reducing work-related incidents and ill health and measures to live within its means.

There are stringent rules and checks on employee expenses. HSE manages its travel and hotel procurement using collective buying systems to get value for money through bulk discounts.

HSE staff are entitled to claim expenses when travelling for business purposes. We are therefore making available the information, linked below, on HSE's Chief Executive (CE) and members of its Senior Management Team's (SMT) business-related travel and expenses to Liverpool/North West; and the CE's work-related hospitality expenses and pay (the CE's pay and allowances already appear in HSE's published Annual Report and Accounts). We also intend to publish shortly, the travel costs and expenses for HSE's Chair.

The CE's pay and allowances are on page 43 of HSE's Annual Report

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