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HSE's mission is to prevent death, injury and ill health to those at work and those affected by work activities.

HSE operational inspectors

HSE has a number of operational inspectors and visiting staff who target their inspections on areas of greatest risk. A range of inspection methods are available including:

  • On-site visits (announced and unannounced).
  • Investigation of accidents and complaints.
  • Providing guidance and support at visits, by phone or at education industry events.
  • Safety and health awareness days (SHADs).
  • Enforcement where necessary.

Inspectors work from their geographical offices:

HSE Sectors

In addition to operational inspectors, HSE has a number of specialist Sectors based around the country, each dealing with a different major industry at national level.
Each Sector comprises of inspectors and policy advisers who:

  • lead discussions with employers/trade associations and trade unions
  • Work with other Government departments and regulators
  • set operational policy
  • advise operational staff on the inspection priorities
  • Gather intelligence about the health and safety performance of the industry and produces¬† statistics
  • produce published guidance for their relevant sectors.

Public Services Sector

The Public Services Sector has national policy responsibility for all central government departments, their agencies and those services delivered by other organisations on their behalf.

This includes the NHS and subsidiary care organisations, independent health and social care, local government, fire and rescue services, police, defence, and education services in England, Scotland and Wales.


HSE works with Education stakeholders across GB to ensure that education dutyholders are managing any significant risks arising from school activities and from the school premises eg meeting the requirements to manage asbestos; slips and trips. The Sector encourages stakeholders to adopt a common sense approach to risk management, making clear that schools are about providing children with a range of valuable learning experiences within which risks should be managed proportionately and sensibly

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Updated 2024-02-09