Are there any restrictions related to the carriage of foodstuffs?

Foodstuffs and dangerous goods

The restrictions on carrying foodstuffs (including animal feeds) with dangerous goods are limited and set out in ADR at 7.5.4.  The principle is that foodstuffs should not be carried with toxic substances (Class 6.1 and 6.2) or with a limited range of Class 9 substances.  However it is permissible to mix these loads subject to certain precautions which are set out below

  • partitions at least as high as the packages containing the dangerous substances
  • separation by packages of substances other than class 6.1, 6.2 or the relevant class 9 substances
  • separation by a space of at least 0.8 metre
  • by additional packaging or wrapping of the substances. Whilst this is not described in much detail, it would seem that the principle to be followed is that the conventional DG packaging (such as a drum, IBC or bags) should be further covered. Examples might be shrink wrapping or plastic sheeting firmly covering the package or packages.  Note that this might constitute an "overpack" and require labelling in its own right (ADR 5.1.2)

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Updated 2019-11-08