Pandemic influenza

The Government is investing considerable resource in contingency planning for a potential flu pandemic in the UK.

Department of Health

Health and Safety Executive

HSE has developed general guidance for employers and employees to use if the Chief Medical Officer declares a pandemic flu within the UK.

Healthcare workers

Health and social care influenza pandemic preparedness and response' has been developed by Department of Health (DH) and the Public Health England (PHE), in consultation with HSE to facilitate planning by NHS Trusts in advance of the emergence of the next influenza pandemic. This guidance, below, includes advice on preparedness planning, occupational health, infection control precautions (including the use of personal protective equipment), and environmental infection control.

Laboratory workers

The Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens (ACDP) has issued guidance for laboratory workers handling flu viruses, including avian, animal and human influenza viruses. This covers routine work with the viruses, both intentional and diagnostic.

Business continuity planning

For the purposes of business continuity planning, local authorities and all businesses will wish to consider the likely effects, including any health and safety effects, of a pandemic on their organisations and the measures that may need to be taken to manage these.

General advice can be found at

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Updated 2022-05-13