Ramped walkways at railway station


A railway station had experienced problems with slipping accidents on ramps down to platform areas. The ramps were covered by ceramic tiles that were slippery when wet. The risk of slipping was increased due to the fact that pedestrians were more likely to be rushing down the ramp to catch their train.


Initially, railway station management arranged for the ramps to be treated with an acid etch in order to increase the slip resistance of the tiles. This did help to reduce the number of slipping accidents. However, it was felt that more could be done. Later a second anti slip surface was applied. This was a reinforced plastic covering that was simply glued on top of the old ceramic tiled surface giving the visual effect of a brick paved surface.

Photo of railway platform.
Photo of station floor.


In 12 months slipping accidents have reduced by 50% and it is projected that the payback period for the £35,000 cost of the work will be less than 2 years based on reduced claims alone.

Proposals are now being formulated to extend the treatment to the passenger concourse and other areas at the station.

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