Pet food company reduces slip accidents after introducing new footwear

Workers at a pet food factory were experiencing problems from slipping in the environment in which they worked.

DIN Ramp testing

DIN Ramp testing

The work processes meant that it was very difficult to stop contamination - animal produce, fat etc getting onto the floor. The company had tried many options to reduce slipping risks including anti-slip floors and providing all their workers with footwear as personal protective equipment (PPE).

The company's health and safety managers, in discussion with workers, decided to trial a new style of footwear which had been shown to be highly slip resistant when tested on the DIN ramp at HSE's Health and Safety Laboratory.

At the end of the seven-month trial, a group of workers using traditional footwear had suffered 15 slip injuries. A similar group using the new footwear had suffered no injuries. The cost of providing the new shoes was more expensive but they lasted longer than their traditional footwear (several pairs lasted three times as long).

However, because of the reduction in slip accidents, and the associated savings in lost time etc, the company saved approximately £12,000 in the trial period. The workers also found the new shoes very comfortable

Managers and workers were so impressed with the new footwear that 75% of the 300 workers on site are now wearing them and no-one has had a slip accident to date. The company are also trialling the footwear at some of their other factories around the country and have shared their experience with other companies (small and medium size) and also to a leisure catering and conference provider.

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