Company changes cleaning methods following accident investigation

An investigation by a local authority environmental health officer into a slipping accident to an employee at a commercial sales office and showroom highlighted the need for a review of the company's cleaning regime in their risk assessment. Entrance matting was also seen as an area of concern.

The employee had slipped on an area of flooring that had been mopped but not dried properly. The company's 'General Procedures and Safety Precautions' had stated 'Do not walk on wet or newly polished floors', however wet cleaning took place during working hours when staff were always moving around their desks.

It was suggested that cleaning should take place outside work hours but this was not possible because of security reasons.

Instead the company adopted a new regime which cleaned and dried floors without leaving them wet. They also made materials available for staff to spot clean any localised spillages.

The company has now carried out a specific slips and trips risk assessment, they have increased the size and positioning of their entrance matting systems as well as introducing the dry cleaning regime.

There have been no further slipping accidents to date.

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