Amendments to RIDDOR Notifications

When a reported injury has resulted in a fatality

To inform us if a previously reported injury has subsequently resulted in a fatality, you can call the Incident Contact Centre (ICC) on 0345 300 9923 to amend the details by submitting a duplicate report. Please have your original report to hand including the incident reference number before making the call.

Alternatively, you can amend the details by submitting a duplicate form online as described in the 'Do it online' section below.

Other changes

To inform us of other changes to the notification of a Fatal or Major injury only, you can call the Incident Contact Centre (ICC) on 0345 300 9923. You do not then need to complete a duplicate form, although the ICC will ask you for some information from the original notification. The information you will need to make a minor amendment to a fatal or major injury is:

  • the name of the original notifier
  • the incident reference number
  • the injured person's name
  • the date of the incident.

Please note: You will not receive confirmation of these changes; a note will be added to the record on the RIDDOR database. Alternatively, you can submit a duplicate form online.

Do it online

All amendments can be made online by submitting a duplicate form. When submitting duplicate forms, please ensure you re-submit all the information, with any changes, including the original reference number for your original notification. You should put the original reference number in the 'Describe what happened' box on page 3 of the form. Please begin this box by writing 'Amendment to Incident Reference Number XXXXXXXXXX' followed by the description of the incident.

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Update 2024-06-04