Annual Science Review

HSE has published its eighth Annual Science Review. This year we have given a particular focus on our activities enabling the safe deployment of net zero energy technologies.

Our review provides case studies from the range of science and engineering work we have delivered and illustrates how HSE uses science and evidence to protect people and places including:

  • Enable industry to innovate safely to prevent major incidents: supporting the move towards net zero
    • Enabling the safe introduction of offshore carbon capture and storage
    • Enabling safe deployment of lithium-ion batteries for storage/use of net zero energy
    • Developing the evidence to underpin the safety of hydrogen vehicles in tunnels
    • Supporting the safe introduction of liquefied hydrogen fuel for net zero flights
  • Reduce work-related ill health
    • Protecting workers from ill health caused by noise and vibration
    • The PROTECT COVID-19 National Core Study
  • Increase and maintain trust to ensure people feel safe where they live, where they work and in their environment
    • Authorisation of first UK application of a pesticide using a drone
  • Maintain Great Britain’s record as one of the safest countries to work in
    • Scientific support to serious incidents

The video case studies above are taken from the science review 2023 highlighting HSE's scientists, engineers and analysts - helping protect people and places

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Updated 2023-08-14