Electrical maintenance

Electrical accidents commonly occur whilst equipment is being maintained. This may be electrical equipment such as switchgear or equipment that uses electrical power. Most accidents happen because workers have not been adequately trained, are being poorly supervised, or because the risks of the work have not been properly assessed. The incidents are real.

Unsafe system of work

Inadequate information

An employee received a fatal electric shock whilst examining a faulty air conditioning unit.

No training

A worker was injured when working in a live electrical panel. He had not been trained.

Inadequate isolation

An electrician received a severe electric shock because he had not properly isolated the supply.

Unsafe rules

An electrical fitter had to have both arms amputated after receiving burns from a 33,000 Volt supply.

Poor control of work activities

An electrical contractor was injured by live 11,000 Volt switchgear.

Live working

An employee suffered brain damage following an electric shock he received whilst live working.

Unsuitable test equipment

An employee was killed when setting up equipment to test printed circuit boards.

Poor maintenance

A worker received a 240 Volt electric shock whilst using a pressure washer.

Failure to manage work

A contractor's employee received an electric shock after confusion over isolation.

Person not competent

Person received a severe electric shock after he incorrectly wired a machine.

Uninsulated electrical wiring

A worker was killed whilst attempting to clear a blockage in a wrapping machine.

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Updated 2023-01-09