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Preventing 'runaway' skip loader incidents

HSE has investigated cases where conventional bin-type skip lorries have 'runaway' when lifting skips on slopes.

Where lorries are fitted with stabiliser legs at the rear of the lifting frame, the rear wheels could potentially be raised off the ground during lifting, negating the effect of rear wheel braking. If the brakes are not applied on the front wheels, it can runaway on the free-moving front wheels and the stabiliser legs, if fitted with roller wheels.

You can virtually eliminate the risk of runaways by specifying the following.

When buying new skip loaders:

On older vehicles:

It is reasonably practicable to fit all-wheel braking and flat feet on stabilisers in most cases.

Use of chocks should only be considered in exceptional circumstances and only if they can be used effectively. Their effectiveness depends upon factors such as ground conditions, slope, surface friction, vehicle surge, operator training/competence and supervision and monitoring.

Updated 2011-05-09