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Improving the psychosocial issues

Job content

Reduce monotonous aspects, rotating workers between tasks.

Ensure reasonable workloads – assess the speed of production and involve workers when determining workload.

Ensure a good climate of communication.

Ensure task clarity (e.g. clear performance requirements, feedback on performance, and lines of reporting).

Encourage teamwork.

Monitor and manage overtime working. Overtime increases the duration of exposure and reduces the time for recovery. There should be a break before starting overtime.

Work pressures

Ensure pay does not relate directly to production. Bonus systems and job-and-finish can increase the risks because they encourage people to work beyond their natural capacity. If there is a bonus system, try to reduce the extent to which it is related to productivity – aim for a balance between bonus systems and workload.

Ensure a good climate of communication.

Develop an appropriate work rest schedule.

Allow for short breaks or micro pauses in work schedules.

Allow a gradual build up to full production speed, for example, when new workers start and when people return from absence.

Allow time for the maintenance of tools.

Updated: 2012-08-06