Training drivers


The law obliges employers to consider the health and safety capabilities of people when they give them tasks to do, and to ensure that they are properly trained before being exposed to risks in the workplace.

It is recommended that the same or higher standards are applied to workplace drivers as are applied to those allowed to drive on public roads:

Choosing drivers

Drivers should be capable of operating the vehicle and related equipment safely, and should receive instruction and training as appropriate.

Drivers will need a mature and reliable attitude to be capable of performing their duties responsibly and carefully.

Employers, managers etc. should never allow anyone who is unfit through drink or drugs to drive any vehicle.

Where the workplace has contractors or visiting drivers, the site operator or principal employer should check they are competent to carry out their duties responsibly and carefully, for example by obtaining evidence of capability from the drivers or their employers.

Training drivers

It is essential to check what experience individuals have of the vehicles they will be using and the work they will be doing and, where appropriate, to check that the information they give is true, for example, employers will usually need to check that references to training schemes etc are supported by certificates.

It is likely that training will need to cover: