Parking areas

Wherever practical, parking areas should be provided for all vehicles using the workplace - including private vehicles.

The type of parking area will depend on what vehicles are used at the workplace (including visiting vehicles), where they go and what they are used for.

Parking areas should be placed in safe and suitable locations.

Parking areas should:

  • Be clearly signposted
  • Be Firm
  • Be Level
  • Be well lit (if possible)
  • Not be slippery

Drivers leaving parked vehicles should not have to cross potentially dangerous work areas.

Loading bays

Loading bays should be in safe and suitable places wherever possible, for example next to marshalling areas so that vehicles can be manoeuvred easily, or near sheeting areas.

Loading bays should have at least one pedestrian exit: wide loading bays usually need at least two exit points (one at each end); alternatively, a refuge can be provided to prevent people being struck by vehicles.

The edges of loading bays will need to be clearly marked.

Where there is a danger of people falling, loading bays need to be fenced, for example by secure guardrails (designed so that goods can be passed safely over or under them). If fencing is not practical, alternative safeguards may be needed.

It may also be necessary to provide protection against bad weather (for example strong winds can be very dangerous during loading).

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