6. Securing ladders and ladders used for access

Options for securing ladders

The options are as follows:

  • Tie the ladder to a suitable point, making sure both stiles are tied
  • Where this is not practical, secure the ladder with an effective ladder stability device
  • If this is not possible, securely wedge the ladder (eg wedge the stiles against a wall)
  • If you cannot achieve any of these options, foot the ladder. Footing is the last resort

Ladders used for access

In general:

  • Ladders used to access another level should be tied and extend at least 1 m above the landing point to provide a secure handhold
  • At ladder access points, a self-closing gate is recommended
  • Stepladders should not be used to access another level, unless they have been specifically designed for this

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Updated 2024-04-02