5. Training

You must train workers, especially those new to the job. Tell them that fume and dust from welding and cutting can cause lung cancer and other lung conditions, if not properly controlled.

Training should include:

  • health risks associated with welding fume
  • advice on health effects and likely exposures
  • how to do the job properly, including where to stand and how to angle the weld
  • what pre-use checks you should make to check your welding equipment is working correctly
  • how to use controls and check that they are working
  • how local exhaust ventilation (LEV) systems work, for example:
    • how to position movable LEV to make sure it is in the right place as you work
    • how to ensure fume is not passing through your breathing zone
    • what pre-use checks you should make to ensure LEV is working correctly
    • how to ensure you are working within the 'capture zone' of the hood
  • how to use and look after respiratory protective equipment and personal protective equipment
  • what to do if something goes wrong
  • safety risks associated with welding activities

You must consult workers and their representatives on your health and safety arrangements.

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