Other measures

As well as the actions you can take to reduce workers' exposures to vibration, there are other measures which, while not reducing the daily vibration exposure, are thought to reduce the risk. For example:

  • Plan employees' work to avoid prolonged exposure and encourage them to take breaks during long tasks, as several shorter exposures with "recovery" periods are believed to be preferable to one long exposure;
  • Keep indoor workplaces as warm and dry as possible;
  • Provide screening or shelter for outdoor workers in cold, wet or windy conditions;
  • Provide hot drinks and warm food. This helps to maintain body temperature and is particularly important in cold working environments;
  • Encourage employees to take regular exercise to help good circulation and to exercise and massage the fingers during breaks from work with vibrating equipment;
  • Encourage employees to stop or cut down smoking, which can lead to impairment of circulation.

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