4. Keeping a comfortable temperature

Businesses must ensure workplace temperatures are reasonable. HSE has guidance on maintaining a comfortable temperature at work.

Workers should not be exposed to uncomfortable draughts. For mechanical ventilation systems, it may be necessary to control the direction or speed of airflow. Workstations should be moved or screened if necessary.

If your space is naturally ventilated, there are simple steps you can take to make sure your workplace has enough fresh air without opening windows wide and making it too cold:

  • partially opening windows and doors can still provide adequate ventilation
  • opening higher-level windows will create fewer draughts
  • using trickle vents rather than opening windows

You can also consider regularly airing rooms that rely on natural ventilation, by opening windows and doors in between use.

Desk or ceiling fans

You should not rely purely on desk or ceiling fans in poorly ventilated areas. They won't improve ventilation. However, if your workplace is adequately ventilated, you can use fans to help workers feel cooler.

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