Sensible risk in local government

A sensible approach to health and safety means focusing on the significant risks – those with potential to cause real harm and suffering - and avoiding wasting resources on everyday and insignificant risks.

These pages will help you find the right balance - whether you are a councillor, head of service, line manager, employee, or health and safety representative.


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Promoting sensible decisions

Our four tips help local authorities promote sensible decisions.

'It's because of health and safety' - tackling myths and misunderstandings

Health and safety is often used as an excuse to stop activities or disguise unpopular decisions - giving rise to myths and misunderstandings. This guide is based on 3 simple questions to support you in making decisions that are sensible and challenging those that give rise to myths:

It's because of health & safety

Real work-related risks

Some aspects of local authority work can present a risk of real harm or suffering to employees, contractors, service users and the public.

Protecting people

Updated: 2021-04-30