HSE Inspection report

This report is a summary of the main findings from eight HSE inspections of Fire and Rescue Services carried out in 2009/10. Additionally, the content draws on HSE's investigation of serious incidents and also reflects HSE's work with key stakeholders to improve health and safety standards and the policy statement 'Balancing operational and health and safety duties in the Fire and Rescue Service'.

Completion of the report fulfils HSE's commitment to confirm any general lessons that emerged from the work, to prompt wider reflection within the Fire and Rescue Service and to alert others who were not inspected to review their own arrangements against the findings. Each of the eight individual Services visited received reports of the findings of their inspections. HSE asked each of the Services to respond with a plan of action to meet the recommendations made. These plans will be followed up in 2010/11.

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Updated 2021-04-29