Driving or riding for work resources

Case studies

Employers may find the case studies on the Driving for Better Business website helpful when developing or reviewing their road safety policies and procedures.

Report of the Work-related Road Safety Task Group

This report from the independent Work-related Road Safety Task Group focuses on using health and safety risk management principles to manage at-work road risk. It looks at how employers, individuals, government agencies and others can work together to reduce deaths and injury on our roads.

The report made eighteen recommendations. It concluded that the government and the Health and Safety Commission should take measures to reduce at-work road traffic incidents by applying existing health and safety law to on-the-road work activities.

The task group argued that employers should manage road risk in the same way as they manage other occupational health and safety risks.

Vehicle safety technologies and telematics

HSE and the Department for Transport commissioned TRL to explore the potential safety benefits of safety technologies in vehicles.

This involved them:

  • conducting a literature review of evaluations of the impact of these technologies on work-related road safety (specifically, crash risk)
  • leading in-depth interviews with representatives of organisations who had implemented technology-based safety monitoring in their fleet and stakeholders and experts who provided further insights into factors affecting successful implementation

The research covers technologies such as telematics, drowsiness and distraction systems, and collision warning systems which could help employers monitor safety-related events or driver behaviours to support learning and safety improvements.

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