Mines Regulations 2014

Guidance on Regulations

Date of publication:
April 2015 (amended 2020)
Series code:
L149 (first edition)
978 0 7176 6647 8

The Mines Regulations 2014 came into force on 6 April 2015, and replace all previous health and safety mining law.

The Approved Codes of Practice (listed below) which supported the previous law have now been withdrawn. Please note that L43, First aid at mines, will remain in force.                                                                        

Who this guidance is for: This guidance now applies and is for anyone who has duties under the Mines Regulations 2014, primarily mine operators. It will also be useful for others in the mine management structure, safety representatives and representatives of employee safety.

Brief overview of content:

Key messages

This publication provides advice and direction on how to comply with the Regulations.

Further sector guidance on specific hazards and risk control is also available, and should be used when required to support and supplement this guidance

What has changed?

Updated: 2021-03-04