Electrical safety in mines

Date of publication:
April 2015
Series code:
HSG278 (First edition)

This guidance replaces L128 – The use of electricity in mines: Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. Approved Code of Practice.

Who this guidance is for: It is primarily aimed at mine operators, engineers and technicians but will also be useful to others within the mining industry such as mine managers, safety representatives and representatives of employee safety, any employer with employees who work below ground at mines and self-employed contractors working below ground at mines.  

Brief overview of content:

Key messages

  • The Mines Regulations 2014 came into force on 6 April 2015. They revoke regulations 17–28 and Schedule 1 of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 which previously applied only to mines.
  • This guidance is intended to help mine operators comply with their legal duties with regards to controlling the major hazards associated with the use of electricity in mines.

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