Safe work in confined spaces

Confined Spaces Regulations 1997. Approved Code of Practice, Regulations and guidance

Date of publication:
December 2014
978 0 7176 6622 5
Series code:
L101 (Third edition)

This Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) and guidance is for those involved in work within confined spaces, those who employ or train such people and those that represent them.

It explains the definition of a confined space in the Regulations and gives examples. It will help you assess the risk of working within a particular confined space and put precautions in place for work to be carried out safely.

This edition brings the document up to date with regulatory and other changes. The guidance has been simplified to make the understanding and use of the document easier, particularly with clarifying the definition of a confined space.

Other changes include:

  • a flowchart to help in the decision-making process
  • additional examples including new workplace risks such as specifically created hypoxic environments, fire suppression systems etc
  • amendments relating to the need to check, examine and test equipment

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Updated: 2023-11-15