Compressed air safety

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Reflecting the volatility of compressed air, this guidance promotes greater safety knowledge and is addressed to compressor designers, manufacturers, installers and users. Emphasis is on raising awareness of headline dangers of air compression use, eg orificial bodily entry, skin penetration, explosions and optical damage caused by particles.

Citing the major hazard of overpressurisation, it examines associated risks, such as blockages, failure of automatic controls, malfunctions such as overspeeding, external fires nearby, overheating and deposit accumulation. Complemented by circuit diagrams, eg guard-open/closed distinctions, the detail considers the spectrum of subjects including compressor plant, air receivers and dryers, coolers, main line systems, actuators, portable pneumatics and pneumatic powered machinery, while exploring general safety issues such as inspection, maintenance and training needs.

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Updated: 2021-03-04