Safety in the storage and handling of steel and other metal stock

Date of publication:
August 2016
Series code:
HSG246 (second edition)

Many accidents, some resulting in death and serious injury, continue to occur during the storage and handling of steel and other metal stock. They cause enormous social and economic cost over and above the human tragedy involved. It is in everyone's interest that they are reduced. Accident investigations often show that these injuries could have been avoided.

This revised guidance is aimed at directors, owners, managers and supervisors and pays particular attention to the most common hazards, including (un)loading of delivery vehicles, storage systems, workplace transport, mechanical lifting and injuries from sharp edges.

New sections compare the use of single- versus double-hoist cranes and give additional information on the safe use of pendant and remote controllers, suitable lifting accessories, working at height and providing better access arrangements with stock products. There are now specific requirements which effectively prohibit the stacking of 'U' frame racking and 'barring-off'.

This revised guidance was produced in consultation with the National Association of Steel Services Centres (also known as NASS) and the City of Wolverhampton Council working as partners with HSE in the Steel Stockholders Lead Authority Partnership (SSLAP).

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Updated: 2023-02-15