Manual packing in the brick industry

Workers in the brick manufacturing industry still suffer from injuries relating to repetitive manual handling during packing and inspecting operations. Over the past 20 years the rate has fallen from 44% to approx 20% of all injuries in the brick industry. This is largely a result of increased automation, but also as a consequence of the more widespread adoption of improved work practices.

Processes that present a high level of risk are:

The Manual Handling Operations Regulations require you to assess the risk from handling operations. Information about how to assess the risk can be found at MSD - Manual Handling -  where the HSE have  developed tools to help employers analyse lifting and moving (MAC tool), repetitive tasks like twisting, bending, and repeated movements (ART tool) and a push pull tool

Here are some practical tips that you should consider to reduce the risks associated with manually handling bricks, However if a risk is identified, a full risk assessment should be carried out:

Updated: 2021-10-22