Programme of work

Reducing ill health from exposure to metalworking fluids (MWFs) is part of HSE's Health and work strategy. Occupational Lung Disease which can follow from exposure to MWFs is one of HSE's priorities.

HSE is undertaking shared research with industry to identify good practice for working with MWFs. HSE is continuing to update its guidance on MWFs as a result of recent developments and lessons being learnt. Any new information will appear on these Topic Pages.

HSE's investigation into the outbreak of industrial asthma at the Powertrain plant in Birmingham and Koyo Bearings (Europe) Limited in Barnsley indicates that the potential for other such outbreaks exists. HSE is following up reports of lung disease linked to metalworking as they are notified.

Smaller users are being reached by new guidance, work with partners such as the United Kingdom Lubricants Association, and HSE contacts.

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Updated 2022-05-23