LA intervention and enforcement activity

Local Authorities (LAs) provide data annually to HSE on their health and safety intervention, enforcement and prosecution activity.

The data is captured on a form known as an ‘LAE1’ and is submitted by LAs to HSE.

A blank version of the LAE1 can be found here:

Guidance for completion of the LAE1 can be found in Annex E LAC 67-2.

HSE publishes the annual return data to allow LAs to benchmark and peer review their activity.
Note: due to the coronavirus pandemic, the response rate was lower than normal for the year 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020 and no data was collected for 2020/21. 

Previous data is available here:

Further details on LA intervention planning and the selection of intervention approaches can be found in LAC 67/2.

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Updated 2023-12-13