Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (EIR)

Environmental information is exempt from the FOIA.  Instead, HSE will consider such requests under the EIR.  The EIR covers any recorded information that is held by a public authority in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and by UK-wide public authorities based in Scotland.  HSE is a UK-wide public authority.

What would be considered under EIR

Environmental information is likely to be anything on, about, concerning or relating to:

How long will it take?

Requests handled under EIR will normally be responded to within 20 working days. There is a provision to extend up to 40 working days in more complex cases and for public interest considerations.

What will it cost?

HSE will not seek to recover costs associated with responding to requests for information handled under EIR. However, we may reject a request where we consider it to be;

How do I make a request?

You can request information by email or post – how to make a request.

If you are not happy with our response

If you are unhappy with the decision made by HSE, you may ask for an internal review or make a complaint to the Information Commissioners.

Updated 2020-03-12