Disclosure of information

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is required by law to ensure the information captured or created as part of its public function is available for scrutiny by anyone.

HSE acknowledges the important role information plays in demonstrating transparency and accountability of government, as well as the wider societal and economic benefits it provides.

HSE only disclose information where it is in the public interest, and where it is fair and lawful to do so.  All requests for information are considered on a case by case basis under one of the following;

HSE publication scheme

HSE makes information routinely available via our website and publication scheme.  Below are links to the most frequently viewed information.

HSE publication schemes


Since coming into office the Government has aimed at greater openness and accountability in the public sector and in the way public sector organisations conduct and deliver services to the public.


Disclosure log

Here you will find details of information released by HSE following an FOI / EIR request. Highlighted below are links to frequently viewed information.

All information released

Updated 2022-05-23