Selection of a competent first-aid training organisation

Since 1 October 2013 HSE no longer approves first-aid training and qualifications or first-aid training organisations. This means that businesses have more flexibility in how they manage their provision of first aid in the workplace.

This means that it is the employer's duty to ensure that any training provider that they select for the purposes of first-aid training is competent to deliver that training.

Needs assessment

An employer will need to make an assessment of their first-aid needs to establish what you ought to provide. This will depend on your workplace, taking into account, among other things, the number of employees, size, location and work activity. 

The findings of your first-aid needs assessment may identify that trained first-aiders are required. There are no hard and fast rules on exact numbers of trained first-aiders you will require, and you will need to take into account all the relevant circumstances of your particular workplace.

What an employer needs to do

As an employer there are a number of options open to you when selecting a training provider. You should select the most appropriate for your requirements.

Depending on your choice you will need to carry out due diligence (reasonable enquiry or investigation) into how a provider will deliver the training you require.

HSE cannot advise on the quality of individual training providers or the service they provide. Similarly HSE cannot advise on the standard of quality assurance systems that a training provider may have in place.

Criteria expected of first-aid training providers

HSE has produced guidance on selecting a first-aid training provider that sets out the criteria that a competent training provider should be able to demonstrate.

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