2. Roles involved in keeping sealed inflatables safe

The roles of the people involved in keeping inflatable devices safe are described below.


The person or organisation responsible for:

  • designing and constructing the sealed inflatable and demonstrating that it is fit for its intended purpose (including any limitations in application)
  • providing an operations manual containing all necessary information (including any limitations of use) to make sure the device continues to be operated safely
  • providing a maintenance manual containing all necessary information to ensure the ongoing safe condition of the device

Inspection body

An organisation, part of an organisation or an individual with the appropriate technical skills and relevant practical experience to carry out one or more of the following inspections:

  • design review
  • initial test
  • annual thorough inspection


The person, organisation or hirer with overall control, including responsibility for maintenance, of the sealed inflatable device


The person in overall charge of the operation of the sealed inflatable whenever it is available for public use

There may be circumstances where the roles of controller and operator are combined.

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