Higher Education Safety and Health Forum (HESH)


Workplace health and safety issues in higher education are taken forward through a tripartite structure, the Higher Education Safety and Health Forum (HESH).

Membership is drawn from the Universities and Colleges Employers Association (UCEA), the Trade Unions, and HSE.  The current membership (August 2011) is:

Mr Andrew D Wilkinson
Chair of the HESH Forum, Committee of University Chairmen
Mr Clive Parkinson
Director of Health and Safety, Surrey University and Chair of the Universities Safety and Health Association (USHA)
Professor Colin Bushnell
Assistant Principal, King's College London
Ms Ruth Sleigh
Health and Safety Executive
Mr John Bamford
Universities and Colleges Union
Mr Glyn Baker
Unite – the Union
Mr Michael Hines
Ms Helen Fairfoul
Deputy Chief Executive, Universities and Colleges Employers Association (UCEA)
Ms Nicola Carter
Senior Employee Relations Adviser, UCEA

The Terms of Reference for the Forum are:

"To act as a forum for the Higher Education Sector, developing partnership between employer's and employee's representatives and provide strategic oversight and direction on matters of occupational health and safety.

It is expected that the establishment of this forum will lead to the evolution of practical solutions to occupational health and safety issues. The regulators will be invited to attend and others may be co-opted."

Minutes of the HESH Forum meetings can be found on UCEA website. 

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Updated 2023-08-16