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You have a legal duty to ensure your employees are under medical surveillance by a doctor appointed by HSE, if they work with specific hazards and undertake certain work activities, covered by the relevant regulations listed below:

The purpose of statutory medical surveillance is for the appointed doctor to monitor your employees for early signs of potential health problems caused by the work they are doing and provide them with advice on whether further exposure to the particular hazard is appropriate. The appointed doctor should also make you aware of any emerging health issues so you can review your risk assessment and ensure risks to your employees' health are properly controlled.

If you need an appointed doctor, you can search the online list of Appointed Doctors for one in your area.  If you wish to use a doctor who is not on that list, they will need to apply to HSE for an appointment.  To become appointed, the doctor will need to meet criteria set by HSE

Although appointed by HSE, appointed doctors are not employed by HSE. The company requiring statutory medical surveillance is responsible for agreeing conditions of service and payments with the appointed doctor.

List of Appointed Doctors

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Updated: 2021-07-16