Control of lead at work (Third edition)

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The Approved Code and accompanying guidance is aligned to the Regulations and emphasise that excessive exposure to lead has been a long-recognised health hazard. Accordingly this documents how to manage such risks and satisfy the requirements applicable to activities, eg handling, processing, repairing, maintenance, storage, disposal - liable to expose employees and others to metallic lead, its alloys and compounds (including alkyls), or when it is a component of another substance or material.

For clarification, the lead form must be either inhalable (dust, vapour or fumes), ingestible (powder, dust, paint or paste) or skin absorbable (alkyls or naphthenate). Styled presentation (eg bold, italics, margin coding) aids easy distinction between texts pertaining to the Regulations, the Approved Code or additional guidance.

Review of ACOPs

HSE consulted on proposals to review its Approved Codes of Practice (ACOPs).

Details of the outcome

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Updated: 2023-09-19