Segregation of hazardous materials

This Technical Measures Document refers to issues surrounding the storing and segregation of hazardous materials and how it can be used to minimise the foreseeable risks of a major accident or hazard.

The relevant Level 2 Criterion is, g.

General principles

The following aspects should be considered with respect to the Segregation of Hazardous Materials:

The following issues may contribute towards a major accident or hazard:

Contributory factors for an assessor to consider concerning all aspects of Segregation of hazardous materials

The Safety Report should address the following points:

Major hazards

Major hazards could arise from the following:

Codes of Practice and guidance relating to the Segregation of hazardous materials

The following publications can be used as guidance material relating to segregation of hazardous materials:

Further reading material

Case studies illustrating the importance of Segregation of hazardous materials