Discipline guidance - Safety management systems issues

Safety Management Systems Issues.

Criterion 4.3 a

The roles and responsibilities of personnel involved in the management of major hazards at all levels in the organisation, including contractors where appropriate, and the provision of training to meet identified training needs.

Criterion 4.3 b

Liaise with C&I Inspector to assess the site's ability to use this information to inform safety instrumented system design.

Criterion 4.3 c

Audit of procedures implemented to evaluate the performance of the safety-instrumented system against its safety requirements.

Review site's procedures for auditing their own performance on the management of safety-instrumented systems.

Review the site's procedures for safety instrumented system configuration management. (These points are also useful for hazardous area electrical equipment and other safety critical items.)

Check site's procedure for uniquely identifying all constituent parts of a system.

Audit the procedures for preventing unauthorised items from entering service.

Criterion 4.3 d

Review the site's procedure for functional safety assessments of safety-instrumented systems.

Check systems for documenting functional safety assessments.

Check procedures for defining the frequency of auditing activities.

Criterion 4.6

Review the site's policy for achieving functional safety of safety related control systems.

Criterion 4.7

Review arrangements for identification of persons, departments, organisations or other parties that are responsible for carrying out and reviewing each of the life cycle phases. Establish whether these parties been informed of their responsibilities.

Audit the competence of those responsible for safety lifecycle activities.

Audit of procedures provided to ensure prompt follow up and resolution of recommendations arising from the following activities:

hazard and risk assessment; assessment and auditing activities; verification activities; validation activities; post incident and post accident activities.

Check that the site's management of change procedures include changes to safety-instrumented systems.

Criterion 4.8

Check site's definition and allocation of responsibilities against the requirements of BS IEC 61511. 05 May 2006 10:13:13 +0100

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