Professional conduct rules for registered building control approvers

This document is for registered building control approvers in the private sector in England. It outlines the professional conduct rules you must follow.

We will update the documents on this page. You should refer to the latest online version and should not rely on printed versions.

Applies to: England
Published: June 2023
Last updated: April 2024


Reference: Version 4


Registered building control approvers in England must comply with the professional conduct rules. This document sets out principles and standards of professional practices, ethics, and behaviours expected of registered building control approvers in the private sector by the Building Safety Regulator (BSR).

There is separate guidance on the code of conduct for registered building inspectors.

From 6 April to 6 July 2024 there is an extension period for experienced building inspectors in England who have not yet completed their competency assessment. More information about the extension period can be found in the professional conduct rules PDF document.

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Updated 2024-04-03