Chemicals industry regulation after Brexit

The UK has left the EU but remains strongly committed to the effective and safe management of chemicals. Some regulations have changed. Guidance on regulating chemicals following Brexit is available:


HSE and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) hosted two, virtual one-day stakeholder events covering actions businesses need to take when the UK Transition ends and how the new GB regulatory regime for chemicals may impact their work. The events have been recorded for you to watch.

To watch all the recordings go to the full Regulating chemicals after the transition period playlist on YouTube, or watch the YouTube video on a specific regime:






HSE is hosting a series of podcasts to provide more information on the changes to how chemicals will be regulated now the UK has left the EU.

They will include guidance on each of the chemicals regimes and the changes you need to be aware of.

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These updates on chemical industry guidance will tell you what you need to know now the UK has left the EU.

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Updated 2022-09-07