Biosafety and microbiological containment

This page provides links to the home pages for three sites that contain information relating to microbiological safety. They cover occupationally-acquired infections, the contained use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and work with specified animal pathogens.

Safety notices

Training course

Biosafety - working practices and managing safety at containment Level 3 training course.
13th – 17th March 2023

More information on training courses

Infections at work

Advice on ill health caused by exposure to micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses (commonly known as pathogens, bugs and germs) during work activities.

More on infections at work


Advice on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in contained facilities, such as research laboratories or biotechnology production facilities.

More about GMOs

Specified animal pathogens order (SAPO)

Advice on specified animal pathogens in contained facilities, such as research laboratories, manufacturing plants or animal research facilities.

More information on Specified animal pathogens order (SAPO)

Updated 2022-08-11