What do I need to tell my employees?

It is important that employees understand the risks they may be exposed to. Where they are exposed above the lower exposure action values you should at least tell them:

  • the likely noise exposure and the risk to hearing this noise creates;
  • what you are doing to control risks and exposures;
  • where and how people can obtain hearing protection;
  • how to report defects in hearing protection and noise-control equipment
  • what their duties are under the Noise Regulations 2005;
  • what they should do to minimise the risk, such as the proper way to use hearing protection and other noise-control equipment, how to look after it and store it, and where to use it;
  • your health surveillance systems.

Make sure you give information in a way the employee can be expected to understand (for example you might need to make special arrangements if the employee does not understand English or cannot read).

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Updated 2022-12-12