How to complete a MAC assessment

Remember: The purpose of the assessment is to identify and then reduce the overall level of risk of the task. You need to put measures in place to control the risks you have identified.

  • Identify the tasks to assess. Choose the ones that you know are hard work or that employees complain about.
  • Consult employees and their representatives on the manual handling risks from their work and ways to manage and/or control these risks. See INDG232 for more information. Aim to gain insight into the demands of the job from the perspectives of all employees carrying out the task.
  • Observe the task carefully (videoing may help) and make sure that you look at how it is normally done.
  • Select the appropriate type of assessment (lifting, carrying or team handling). If a task involves lifting and carrying, consider both.
  • Follow the appropriate assessment guide and flow chart to determine the level of risk for each risk factor. Always assess the worst-case scenario if unsure.
  • Enter the colour bands and numerical scores on the score sheet and use them to identify which risk factors need to be examined and the total level of exposure to risk.
  • Look for ways of modifying the task to reduce the red risk factors to amber or green and to reduce amber risk factors to green.
  • If the individual does a number of tasks, assess each one separately.
  • Prioritise action by addressing the task with the highest total score first. The total scores do not relate to specific action levels.

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Updated 2020-03-21