Example COSHH risk assessment - Workshop

Important reminder

This example risk assessment shows the kind of approach a small business might take. Use it as a guide to think through some of the hazards in your business and the steps you need to take to control the risks. Please note that it is not a generic risk assessment that you can just put your company name on and adopt wholesale without any thought. This would not satisfy the law - and would not be effective in protecting people.

Every business is different - you need to think through the hazards and controls required in your business for yourself.

Company name: Picture frames and mounts
Department: Workshop
Date assessment made:
Date discussed with employees:
Step 1
Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
Whats the hazard? What harm, and who? What are you doing already? What improvements do you need? Who When Check
Breathing and skin contact with mounting spray Flammable, irritating to eyes, skin and          
  Framer - short bursts from spray can Used on table near extractor fan (turned on) avoid spraying on self        
Breathing in and skin contact with softwood dust Asthma and dermatitis in woodworkers          
  Framer hand-sawing in mitre jig, sanding Skin checks Vacuum up at end of work day      
Fixing frames (super-glue) - skin contact, fumes Irritating vapours, skin sensitisation, skin bonding          
  Framer, assembling frame Used on table near extractor fan (turned on).  Good washing facilities Get disposable vinyl gloves      
Also: Action taken Action needed      
Thorough examination & test - COSHH          
Instruction and training Warn about skin contact        
Emergency plans Fire        
Health surveillance Skin checks Use asthma questionnaire.      
Monitoring   None        
Step 5
Review date
  1. Review your assessment - make sure you are not sliding back.
  2. Any significant change in the work?  Check the assessment and change it if necessary
Other hazards needing attention: fire practice

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