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Operational Circulars 600-699

Number Title
OC 634/7 Direct pressure blasting equipment
OC 634/8 Control of dust and noise exposure during direct pressure blasting
OC 635/8 Hot vapour cleaning
OC 647/11 Gas fired special atmosphere furnaces: Isolation and burner supervision
OC 655/7 COMAH Application at surface treatment sites
OC 668/17 Ozone and fume arising from welding on aluminium
OC 668/22 Plasma cutting: control of fume, gases and noise
OC 668/26 Positioning equipment for manual and automatic welding: specialised machinery such as column and boom, rotators,
OC 668/29 Control of fume arising from electric arc welding of stainless steels
OC 668/30 Oxy-fuel gas cutting: control of fume, gases and noise
OC 687/5 Safety in the handling of flat glass
OC 690/13v2 Safe operation of batch ball mills used in potteries and allied industries
OC 693/7 Cooperation between HSE and the Coal Authority
Updated 2014-01-23